Ymoción Design is the fashion brand of designer Vladimira Kralj – Vladi who has been creating a unique contemporary lifestyle for several years with vintage ­inspired designs, fashion and accessories.

Born in Slovenia in 1980, Vladi always saw herself as an individual with her own vision and this was despite being brought up in an environment that preached uniformity.

She was driven to follow her inner passion for self­expression and spent her childhood designing.

Twice a year Ymoción Design offers two major, and one mini collections in three categories:

  • street style, under the brand name Ymocion Design
  • glamour fashion, under the brand name YVK and
  • Ymoción Sport

We create for different and unique women. Women with character, who stand out from the rest, and who aren't afraid to pursue their dreams, while always remaining fashionable.

Our Vision is to write stories from our life and show beautiful moments through our collections.

Our Mission is to inspire women on everywhere on the planet.

By continually creating enchanting handmade fashion and accessories from the finest materials, we enable our customers to express their unique individuality and style.